WorkflowMax: A Five Minute Overview

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WorkflowMax is cloud-based job management software that dramatically simplifies many of the hassles of running a business. We like WorkflowMax so much that we use it in our own business every single day.

It offers a powerful set of features and is extremely flexible, allowing it to be adapted for businesses of many sizes and types. As you’d expect, given it is a Xero product, the integration with Xero is extensive. Additionally, as WorkflowMax integrates with so many different applications, it’s very well placed to form the hub of any business that needs to track and invoice their time.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Manage your entire process from leads and quotes through to jobs and invoices
  • Create templated jobs and associated tasks along with custom workflow states and fields to manage the job process
  • Have staff track their time and add costs directly against tasks, and have these flow through to invoices
  • Support for many different invoicing methods
  • A powerful and customisable reporting engine offers insight into job profitability and margin
  • Customisable templates for documents such as invoices, purchase orders, and quotes
  • Document and note management to capture all information associated with a job in one place

Which businesses is it well suited for?

Generally speaking, WorkflowMax is well suited to any company that needs to manage the delivery of jobs or projects for clients. This is especially true when time needs to be tracked and invoiced.

We’ve completed implementations of WorkflowMax for companies within the following industries:

  • Construction, Fitout, Flooring and Trades
  • Subcontractors
  • Architecture, Drafting, Surveying and Engineering
  • Legal, Consulting and Professional Services
  • Joinery and Aluminium
  • Event Management
  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Advertising and Creative Industries
  • Flooring
  • Security Installation and Monitoring

Which businesses may experience limitations?

Each business is different, and as with all software, there are some types of businesses that WorkflowMax may not be quite as well suited for:

  • Companies that have to manage complicated variations and retentions on their jobs
  • Businesses that need to invoice a percentage of line items (as opposed to invoicing a percentage of a quote)
  • Businesses that have some inventory they supply as part of their jobs, and want to manage that within their job process (note: we do in fact have a workaround suitable for particular scenarios that we’ve developed which we're happy to outline for you)

Getting software that is the right fit for your business is vital, and that is part of what we do. If you’d like to evaluate WorkflowMax for your business just let us know and we’ll be in touch.

Handy Tips and Tricks

  • Create Job Processes using templates by outlining your process, and the stages within it.  Most jobs start with a bit of administration, and finish with invoicing. List all the stages in your process, and then create a set of associated Job States and Tasks. We recommend trying to keep this under nine stages all up. We use WorkflowMax ourselves, and have both administrative job and delivery processes templated.
  • Set up custom document templates that reflect your brand. The document designer is sophisticated and allows you to import custom Word documents. This goes far beyond just invoices, and you can build sophisticated quote documents that populate with client specific information.
  • If you will be integrating WorkflowMax with Xero, identify how you would like to split your revenue in Xero sooner rather than later. When you invoice jobs in WorkflowMax, an invoice will be sent through to Xero. You can automatically split your revenue out into different items for your profit and loss and it’s worth putting some thought into getting this right.

WorkflowMax offers excellent value for money, with a very wide feature set that doesn’t come with the monthly subscription cost you might normally expect.  At the same time, the administrative cost savings that we see in businesses that have adopted WorkflowMax are significant and ongoing.  On their website, they note that a recent survey showed WorkflowMax saves their customers on average 628 hours of time each year!

Our Do-It-Yourself and Guided Implementation programmes enable businesses to get up and running with the minimum of time and fuss. Having worked with WorkflowMax since the inception of Link Solutions five years ago, we know it inside out and we’re proud to say we’re one of their most trusted implementation partners.

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