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It's about Lifestyle

Every day, we see even more business owners starting to utilise the Internet to a greater extent to help grow their business. In the 'early days', getting your business online meant getting a website and generating more sales, now it's that, and much, much more. Web applications are used to drive process improvement, collaboration, intelligence and reporting, and so on. The modern cliche, 'There's an app for that' exists for a reason!

In my job, as Head of Customer Support, I've noticed that one single cloud system is great, but that the largest benefit for our clients really comes from having two or more cloud applications integrated together. Among other benefits, this saves double handling of data, saving both upfront time and re-work later, and so on; and when I'm talking to business owners and managers, their comments are very commonly around the lifestyle benefits that these improvements bring.

By saving time, they free themselves and their staff to work 'On The Business', that fabled goal that is out of reach to so many... This improves business performance, and crucially, reduces stress. When they are relaxing, they can actually relax, without worrying about their backlog.

If they are with their family, then they can spend truly quality time with them. If they are traveling, they can keep in touch with what is happening in the business, and complete any remote tasks that need their attention - quickly and easily.

It's one of the big perks of my role - I'm actually giving business owners their life back! Much is made of the business benefits of cloud software, and rightly so. But I often point out to people that cloud business systems aren't an expense, they are an investment in business improvement, and by extension, how much you enjoy your business and the results!

There's always a new application coming along to save more time or improve process, and part of my job is to evaluate these. If you are weighing up which cloud application to use, then I know all of the questions to ask, so you are welcome to get in touch and I can help pick the right application for your business.

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At Link Solutions we believe owning a business should be fun, profitable and facilitate a flexible lifestyle with the ability to work from anywhere. We help business owners achieve this through the integration of technology, people and processes; enabling them to work less and do more with their time.

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