The Evolution of Payroll

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The Evolution of Payroll

Payroll has evolved hugely in a relatively short period of time, and the same is true of business applications in general. So, we decided we’d use payroll as an example of the process improvements that can be achieved through adopting cloud technology.

When we compare the payroll systems used in the past, with today’s payroll systems such as iPayroll and Smart Payroll, about the only thing they have in common is that tax is still has to be deducted and sent to the IRD.

Payroll once was a totally manual system. Everyone knew that accounts were busy on Wednesdays and Thursdays while either the calculations were made or the cash was counted out. In the 1980’s, Kalamazoo was a printing solution for payroll consisting of pre-printed payslips affixed to a plastic clipboard that had to be manually filled in. With the tax tables from the IRD, each week someone would collate handwritten time sheets, browse the tax tables for the correct deduction and, using a calculator, arrive at a net figure. A security company delivered cash from the bank, the door was closed and the payroll clerk made up small brown pay packets for staff to come and sign for.

Thanks to cloud technology and the applications and add-ons now have available, it is possible to complete payroll with minimal effort, sometimes as easily as with the click of two or three buttons on a remote device! What was once a major area of administration, requiring hours of input from specialised staff, has been re-engineered with fantastic outcomes. For example, users of iPayroll and Smart Payroll are able to have the peace of mind that once set up, not only is their ongoing payroll actioned as required, all their compliance requirements are taken care of too (which is a huge time saver).

As with most cloud applications, the trade-off between the cost and benefit is hugely stacked in favour of the benefits, and here at Link Solutions we take the guess work out of which applications and add-ons are right for our clients.

We start with a meeting to review your current processes so we can provide a high level of relevant advice. Once we have you up and running you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the change sooner!

If you’d like to get started in moving into the future and saving yourself time and headaches, then of course we’d love to talk to you.

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