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  1. Defining your Tasks well in WorkflowMax is essential to ensure that your staff time gets recorded accurately, and flows through into your invoicing and reporting. ..

  2. If you're using WorkflowMax and want to take the value you get from it to the next level, you've come to the right place. ..

  3. WorkflowMax is cloud-based job management software that dramatically simplifies many of the hassles of running a business. We like WorkflowMax so much that we use it in our own business every single day. ..

  4. Unleashed is our cloud-based online inventory management application of choice due to it's powerful features and ease-of-use. We thought it might be useful to provide a quick outline on why we think it is such a great option. ..

  5. Having adopted a new cloud application, it needs to be acknowledged that your team is likely to need some ongoing support...

  6. Some guidelines and key considerations for providing ongoing support for cloud applications in your business. ..

  7. For many years now, software implementations have been events of both hope and disappointment for business owners - we discuss how to ensure yours is the former. ..

  8. A quick wrap up of the year we've had at Link Solutions in 2015 and Season's Greetings and best wishes for the holiday period. ..

  9. Some observations about clear business and project communication we've learned in our years as cloud application consultants. ..

  10. As the saying goes, action without planning is fatal, but planning without action is futile. Well, here's an outline of how to begin developing a plan for implementing a new cloud application and taking action. ..

  11. A tried and tested process for identifying which cloud applications are suitable for your business, to optimise results and ensure a smooth adoption. ..

  12. Will McTavish discusses the importance of establishing customer satisfaction as your most important business objective. ..

  13. It's been a road with a lot of learnings, but we've made it to the big five-oh! ..

  14. A smooth quoting to invoicing process can make an otherwise mistake-prone function nice and easy. ..

  15. We discuss the concept of 3rd Generation Cloud applications and how these will deliver ever more relevant real time business intelligence. ..

  16. Find out what makes a 2nd Generation Cloud application, and how they benefit business through streamlining business processes. ..

  17. We look at the real life results from improving business processes through the adoption of cloud applications - improvements to lifestyle and stress reduction. ..

  18. We look at how cloud payroll systems are introducing time savings and simplifying payroll processes. ..

  19. Collect Loyalty

    Collect's customer loyalty and rewards cloud application is second to none, and in this blog post we outline what makes it so valuable. ..