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Several months after migrating our old desktop accounting and POS software to Xero and Vend respectively, we had still not successfully integrated our sales (via Vend) to our accounts (in Xero), making proper bank reconciliations impossible. Despite many hours on helpdesk lines we didn’t really know where we were going wrong or how to go about fixing it.


We needed someone to start from scratch and help us to configure Xero and Vend properly. Meaning, they needed to be configured in the way that worked best for our business, not anyone else’s. We also needed further training for relevant staff.


We now have a workflow that works and flows. Previously everything was grinding to a halt at the accounting end of the business and causing a lot of anxiety. Now everything slots together nicely, everything reconciles, and we understand the process and what needs to happen. This has saved us innumerable hours of toil and head scratching and brought us very welcome peace of mind.

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"We were really impressed with Link Solutions. Their approach was methodical, efficient, easy to understand and friendly."

Ryan Quinn, Wine Direct Limited   

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