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Metspray is a family owned operation based in East Tamaki, that specialises in the blasting, coating, and spraying of metals. Our clients are typically commercial and industrial with projects that vary from the mundane to the extreme. We are famous for using our 27m long blasting rooms to process cranes, bridges, and roller coasters. Yes, roller coasters.

We had identified several areas in the business where the same information was duplicated or triplicated between sales, the foreman, and accounts. Quotes were created and edited using Word templates and with pricing based on the current cost of coatings and the experience of just one person. This same information on quote acceptance then had to be relayed via printed orange job cards, laminated, and attached via wire to the incoming items being processed. Changes in materials, dates or people involved on jobs were often not communicated to accounts, who generated invoices monthly using completed job cards and the information originally quoted.

Staff may be working across multiple jobs, and often a job requires two or more people to work on it at the same time. The nature of the coatings business means that coatings have to occur in a very particular order with very specific drying or curing timings that need to be adhered to. What this means is that we needed to easily assign multiple staff or teams to a job and communicate clearly the coatings, their order, and important additional information to the factory floor.

Jobs were back-costed intermittently to measure profitability. This was a difficult and time consuming task as actual time and materials used differed from the estimates made during quoting.


GeoOp was implemented to reduce the triplication of work between sales, the factory floor, and the accounts department. GeoOp allows us to load and update coating supplier price lists and apply a billable rate by square meter per coat to each quoted job to quickly arrive at a quote figure. This information then populates a job card that was custom designed for the factory, along with any additional instructions about specific coatings. All of this information including actual time and coatings used flows into Xero on job completion for sending to our clients.

Tough tablets for the factory floor were organised that allow our foreman to see which jobs are on, who has been working on them, and communicate when jobs are complete. Using job statuses the lag between job completion and invoice generation has been decreased.


Through implementing GeoOp at Metspray we have been able to view every job’s profitability and compare estimated time and costs with actuals. GeoOp’s reporting lets us view this across multiple jobs, types of work, and across customers.

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Link Solutions are personable and professional. They took the time to understand our business, our people and our processes before customising a solution for us. Their training was enthusiastic and effective.

Kim Cleland, Metspray


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