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Having established a 30 year reputation in Nelson for construction excellence with efficiency and integrity how does a family-owned operation take the next step into big business while maintaining its local approach? Presented with the opportunity and chaos following events such as the 2011 Canterbury Earthquakes and 2014 Greymouth storm damage Kennedy Construction needed a way to safely scale its business to respond to these events whilst still maintaining the quality and integrity associated with its brand of project management and construction.


Recognising these obstacles to growth Laird approached Link Solutions to recommend a bundle of technologies that would work for them. It started with a process design. How did Kennedy Construction operate and how did it want to be operating? How did it make money and where were these opportunities in the future? These were mapped into the technology choices that would best suit what they wanted to achieve. Kennedy Construction had its business processes re-designed and mapped into WorkflowMax, Xero and ReceiptBank. With projects ranging from 1 day to 6 months and tens of thousands of dollars WorkflowMax provided the project management, quoting and invoicing that they needed to manage multiple teams and equipment all over the South Island. For the first time they’re able to measure our quote conversion and identify what types of jobs and clients are profitable to them.


Kennedy Construction now has the values and processes that make it successful cemented into technologies that enable it to replicate its Nelson success into any region. Kennedy Construction also has staff trained to use these technologies the Kennedy Construction way. This has taken some of the pressure off the management team and allowed them more time to work on the business rather than in their business.

Link Solutions

"Putting in WorkflowMax and Xero represents a new era for our business. The processes itself proved a great opportunity to get the entire management team working together on our business, challenging existing approaches and talking about future. Link Solutions provided the independent services and advice we needed and the technical nous to take 30 years of IP and in cement that into a foundation we could grow on."

Laird Kennedy, Business Development Manager, Kennedy Construction

Kennedy Construction

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