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Floorwise is a fitter of residential and commercial flooring, and we offer our customers a range of product options including carpets, vinyls, and timber flooring. By also providing a flooring removal service Floorwise is the go-to option in the market for customers looking for an end-to-end service.

Our large team operates out of distinctive yellow vans nationwide, and have a high volume of jobs with short installation timeframes to work with, so we needed a solution to track and monitor our open jobs in real-time, including their current state.

With a largely mobile-based staff we need to notify our fitters which jobs they have scheduled for the following day. Some jobs requiring two or more fitters require more coordination of staff and resources.

Fixed-price quoting means that accurate quotation and tracking of staff time and products applied to a job is paramount so that expected margins are achieved. With paper-based timesheets and job cards this information lagged behind the real-time reporting our management needs.


The WorkflowMax job manager provided visibility we need to manage our high volume of jobs and view their job statuses. Through combining Job States and Job Templates we can now ensure all of the prerequisite information and product is available to an installer prior to them arriving on-site. Job Notifications ensures key events like scheduling, installation completion, and invoicing occur seamlessly after a job state is changed.

WorkflowMax Job Notifications are also used to notify installers of upcoming jobs and tasks inside those jobs. We send these notifications directly to their mobile devices by syncing their email accounts, and everyone has received training on monitoring them. A custom job brief built using WorkflowMax’s Custom Templates means that our installers receive the information they need.

We did away with paper timesheets, recognising that they would never provide the real-time job information needed. All of our staff have been well trained on mobile timesheet entries, which means they can hit ‘Start’ on a timer when they arrive and ‘Stop’ when they leave. WorkflowMax’s Tasks have been kept simple to encourage the timely completion of timesheets.


Floorwise now has the visibility over our jobs, their progress, and profitability, that we need to compete in an industry defined by volume, quality, and service.

Link Solutions

Link Solutions did an amazing job of putting our processes into WorkflowMax and supporting our staff through quality training and service. We couldn’t have achieved the same result without them.

Girish Phatarpekar, Floorwise Ltd


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