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We were using Quick Books but no matter how many times I spoke to their help desk we could not import any bank statements or our supplier's price book. We had to manually input transactions into Quick Books, which was a chore and often done only just before GST was due. Invoicing was time consuming, and completed on a Sunday after servicing clients all week. Administration was time consuming and involved double-handling, and we didn't have an accurate understanding of who owed what at any given time. Cash flow was very difficult to manage and our accountant was constantly chasing us.


We are members of the NZPM group, who did an article on GeoOp which attracted our attention for mobile job management and quoting; and our accountant was supportive of Xero for accounting and invoicing. We were able to stop writing our job materials list at the end of the job (often on a piece of paper, wood, or PVC pipe) and record all of those details on an iPad on-site, at the time we used them. We could import our bank statements into Xero, and import our suppliers' price book into GeoOp - and because they are integrated, the process is seamless.


Where to start... Our cash flow has improved dramatically, our bad debts have decreased dramatically. We've saved about twelve hours a week on invoicing, administration and book-keeping and have our Sunday's back! We always have access to accurate supplier pricing, and our clients have commented on our professional and comprehensive invoicing. Because we're now using cloud applications, our slow old computer isn't a problem and we can work from anywhere.

Link Solutions

Link Solutions were very professional, and did exactly what they said they would in the time frame promised. The quote was clear, the implementation process well managed, and they spoke to our team in a down-to-earth way in a way that people who aren't very computer literate could understand. We now feel like we've finally got some work-life balance back.

Alwyn and Keren Jones, Creative Plumbing

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