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Building Wash Services (BWS) provides building washing services including roofs, windows, gutters, and carparks. With three trucks and three crews, BWS specialises in commercial and historic buildings throughout the Auckland region. Our work is typically cyclical and repeatable with a buildings size not changing frequently between its quarterly cleans. Health and Safety is a big focus for owner Simon and his crews, who frequently operate machinery and handle chemicals, at heights.

With several mobile crews working across multiple jobs much of the day was taken up with coordinating the right people to be in the right place and making sure they were doing the right thing.

Our staff face considerable hazards when working on any job including large machinery, heights, and chemicals. Making sure safety is top of mind but also that site audits and incident reports are completed consistently is critical to the safety of staff and the success of BWS.

With repeatable work in a price competitive industry we need to accurately assess the resources required for a job at the quote stage, quickly and professionally turn out as many quotes as possible and have a method of following them up.


GeoOp’s mobile job management allows BWS management and crews to not only view what jobs are coming up but also easily view job information like site, client, and tasks from a mobile tablet contained in each truck.

GeoOp’s job statuses allow the truck manager to easily update BWS HQ with the status of a job including job completion which reduces the number of phone calls required and the cost of monitoring staff. This has also reduced the time between job completion and invoice generation.

GeoOp’s ability to easily add multi-media information to a job allow crews to capture and document anomalies and gain approval for variations using the handheld signature. GeoOp’s mapping tool allows crews to quickly navigate themselves to their next job.

BWS’s site safety inspection and incident documentation is created using iAuditor. This allows site managers to conduct a site inspection using a tablet before commencing work. It also means any incidents to be easily documented paperlessly. GeoOp and iAuditor have been integrated so that each site inspection can be sent to a GeoOp job and attached as a permanent record of the site inspection conducted. This has had the effect of keeping safety top of mind, reducing the onerous nature of paper based site reporting and also decreased the cost of compliance.

Quotient allows us to design and template the different quotes we send while still allowing the personalisation of quotes for clients. The ability to include recommended and optional extras on quotes has increased the average value of my accepted quotes and allows us to measure our conversion rate. Quotient's unique electronic acceptance of quotes improves the ease of accepting our quotes and provides the level of professionalism our customers have come to expect. By integrating Quotient with our Xero we’ve taken the double handling out of our invoicing.


iAuditor has reduced the cost of our Health and Safety compliance. It’s not only made it easier for crews but has made documentation an intuitive part of delivering our services.

GeoOp has improved the communication between site and head office. My phone calls used to follow the same themes, ‘Where are you?...How long?....Here is where you are going next...’ Now all of that and more is communicated with a mobile app my crews take with them to every site on a mobile tablet.

Since we started using Quotient, creating quotes is no longer a chore. Not only are quotes turned out quicker but we are getting more accepted. For the first time we’re able to reliably measure quote conversion in our business.

Link Solutions

Link Solutions were able to support me across a range of different apps that work with my Xero. I’ve been able to grow my business based on these tools and the time savings they deliver.

Simon Green, Building Wash Services

Building Wash Services

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