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Blankspace Architecture is a Pukekohe-based architecture practice, with a specialty in residential new home builds, and renovations and extensions of existing homes. A family-owned business with five staff, Blankspace is led by husband and wife team Puka and Kim Te Rangi.

Paper-based diaries were our primary method of timekeeping in this practice. This led to the duplication of effort into invoices each month and invoicing delays, as we had to rely on physical access to a book.

Because diary entries couldn’t reference a specific contract or client it was sometimes unclear for whom to generate an invoice, when, and for how much. Monthly invoicing compounded this problem as all invoices were generated in the same two-to-three day period.

Tracking disbursements added extra complexity to invoicing as often services like surveying wouldn’t reference the project they related to or invoices would arrive too late to be on-charged in a month.

Quoting was a necessary but highly manual activity involving the editing of Word templates after a site visit. This could only be conducted by one person in the organisation and had no method of tracking or following up the value of open quotes.


WorkflowMax’s multiple methods of timesheeting provides the flexibility and mobility staff need to complete their timesheets directly against the projects they are working on. By keeping the tasks simple and assigning specific staff to projects we are able to further encourage consistent timesheet entry and reduce delays, confusion, and errors.

By having our projects linked to our quotes and clients, we are able to track actual time against budgeted time for each project; not only for a total project’s budget but for individual components of a budget like ‘Concept Design’. It also reduces confusion around who we were working with on a particular project and how to get in touch with them.

WorkflowMax’s job statuses and notifications have allowed us to improve the communication between delivery and accounts. At the end of each project accounts is notified that a final invoice is due, at which point it is created. This has reduced the volume of invoices at the end of each month and improved our cashflow.

WorkflowMax’s accessible costing feature means it is no longer the sole responsibility of the accounts department to match costs against projects. All staff are now able to enter disbursements against a project at the point of timesheet entry. Staff who arrange for external services are able to make use of WorkflowMax’s Purchase Order feature to communicate that these costs are expected to be incurred before an invoice arrives.

At Blankspace we made use of WorkflowMax’s Document Designer to design quotes, purchase orders, invoices, and job briefs. This means that quotes are able to be generated more quickly, with less editing and formatting which has allowed us to represent our unique values and brand in external and internal documents.

WorkflowMax’s Quote Manager feature shows us in one place the value of all quotes that have been sent to clients and are yet to be accepted. This lets Puka prioritise where his follow-up efforts are best spent.


Invoicing for Blankspace no longer relies on collecting up and collating stacks of diaries. An intuitive systemised method of quoting, delivery, and invoicing has allowed Blankspace to focus on what we does best – innovative housing design. We now have the business information we need to move into the next phase of our growth.

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Link Solutions knew our industry, spoke our language, and anticipated our problems. Most of all, Link Solutions asked good questions, and were accessible and adaptive to the needs of our business.

Puka Te Rangi, Blank Space Architectural

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